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Friday, June 24, 2011

Reasons for gay practices

There is a noticeable wave of cases of gay practices; any explanations for this?

It is right that many have observed the surge in cases of professed gay practices, such as homo-sexualism and lesbianism. Homosexualism is a situation where two males indulge in sexual intercourse, and lesbianism, where two females indulge in sexual intercourse. Sometimes these persons even marry themselves.

These are also not the only negative human character manifestations that have taken on increased tempo. Materialism and intellectual bigotry, poverty and all manner of depravity, war and natural catastrophes, have all been on the increase.

On the other hand, human exhibitions of kindness, love, thoughtfulness, humility and many other great virtues have also been on the increase.

These are manifestations that are unmistakeably sounding the trumpets of the last judgement. It is explained in spiritual revelation that all that is dead in creation shall awaken so that it may pass judgement unto itself during the last judgement. This is happening because there is now a quickened or an intensification of the Divine Radiation in the activity of the Power of the Holy Spirit, Who as the Judge, is affecting every creature in a natural process of sifting the wheat from the chaff. One of the visible effects is the outward manifestations of all hitherto hidden tendencies in man. Everything must expose itself and be judged; nothing can hide anymore.

Gays are human beings who have, in one way of another, distorted the true nature of their souls, and so must now look for a complementing partner in another distorted soul in the physical body.

Let me explain. The incarnation of a soul with regard to sex depends upon its characteristics. If the characteristics of a masculine soul, for example, so markedly change towards the feminine characteristics in an earth-life, or vice versa, then it does happen that this soul is incarnated at one time as a man and at another time as a woman. But this only concerns the earthly body. The human soul always remains what it decided to be at the beginning of its wanderings through creation.

Where therefore a male soul now finds itself in a female body, the tendency will be that it will not be drawn to men, but rather to a female partner. So outwardly they will look like two females getting together, but in reality it is a case of a distorted male soul now in a female physical body, and seeking a complementary companionship. The blame lies with each such soul.

Every expression of the activity of a man or woman registers in his or her spiritual body and environment and subsequently helps to determine the physical body of the soul in a future earthly incarnation. It is therefore wrong for human beings to cross barriers of the other sex or specie when making choices about dress, career, and general disposition to life. Once these barriers are crossed or blurred by fashion, culture and lifestyle, then cases of homosexuals and lesbians would be on the increase.

Since these practices are unnatural, then such can only further harm the human spirits engaging in them. Eventually however those of them who cannot exercise the necessary circumspection would ultimately be lost in the mills of the Divine Judgement. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

To Divorce Or Not

The issue of divorce, when to divorce, how to divorce, what happens thereafter, et cetera, requires much deeper penetration than this space would permit; as such the answer here shall be given in broad outlines.

The first question people should try to answer, both those in marriages and those who may have divorced or separated, is ‘why am I in this marriage?’ Or, ‘why did I marry Mr A, or Mrs A?’ If the correct answer you receive is that you married out of genuine love, not caring what may come along your path in the course of the marriage, then the issue of divorce would never arise at all. In such a situation both parties would confront their fair share of personal and earthly challenges with united strength, matching up in conquest, shoulder to shoulder, the same way they did while approaching to sign the dotted lines, as we say.

But if the answer to the question is that you married because he or she is handsome, rich, well connected, et cetera, then your marriage may be short-lived, for all those qualities are transient and could simply fade away over night, leaving your marriage, if one could call it marriage, hollow and in tatters. In such a situation each partner eventually becomes a source of irritation to the other.

The interesting thing about marriage however is that it is always those who are in it that could answer the questions raised in the foregoing statements. Taking the decision to divorce or not divorce therefore should be deeply and responsibly approached.

Where the ultimate decision is to separate (which means to live apart but still answer a common name) or to divorce (which means go each others’ way), care should be taken that this is achieved in the most friendly and responsible manner. It is spiritually healthy for persons who no longer can tolerate each other, and who now live in enmity and rancour, thereby polluting their spiritual and general ethereal environment, to go their own way. That way the possibility is created for each party to regain his or her sense of personal worth and respect.

In this case, very much care should be taken to ensure that the children (if any) of the marriage are well protected, and their continued development and up-bringing well catered for by whoever was the bread-winner (usually the man) before the divorce or separation. It should never be assumed that once the process of divorce is concluded, then all matters are settled. Every situation should be addressed in its peculiar circumstance. It may happen, for instance, that although divorced, but the circumstance of the ex-partner still demands that you should continue to assist and give certain help; this should be done with joy and diligence.

Also, where certain earthly assets exist, arising from the joint effort of the partners, care too should be taken to ensure that no one is cheated of his or her entitlements. The tendency to simply wake up one day, open the doors and throw one person’s things out to the streets, could bring severe spiritual consequences, if in doing this one brings harm, hurt and humiliation to the other. Such could prepare the situation for the reaping of same kind of spiritual seeds, now multiplied, even in another earth life.

Married couples will do well for their union if they approach issues and each other with a lot of compassion, patience, understanding and respect.

IkeChukwu Unegbe

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Between Ignorance and Illiteracy


Mankind’s greatest challenge in all spheres of human endeavour often is with lack of true knowledge and understanding. This lack of understanding can stem from either of two culprits. Ignorance and Illiteracy are the two suspects, and every person should deal with them decisively in order to grow and mature.

Of the two, that is ignorance and illiteracy, ignorance is more abhorable, and usually self-inflicted and a result of inner indolence or complacency. Ignorance, in my view, is the absence of enlightenment, while illiteracy could be the absence of or lack of opportunity to acquire erudition or intellectual learnedness. One can possess erudition (be literate) and yet be a sorely ignorant person; hence the statement that ‘there are so many educated derelicts’.

Education, in the way we have planned it today can produce a lot of ignorant persons, or how else do you explain the situation where most sectors of human activities are occupied (manned) by certificated ‘educated’ men and women, and yet virtually all sectors are collapsing. World economy is in an all time low performance. Social and religious life of mankind have also not fared any better. The crises in Iraq today is chiefly that of religious intolerance from differing sects of the one Islamic faith. Only recently the German political leadership lamented what it called the collapse of multi-cultural or pluralistic society, meaning that mankind could not integrate, one with another, in their differences of religious and social characteristics.

Virtually every much praised scientific discovery or invention, by the educated man, has got equal amount of concern with their harmful side effects. In effect it seems that the gains man has made with his inventive strides are written off or nullified by their harmful impact on the same society and man. The continued depletion of the ozone layer and consequential climatic challenges are chiefly man-made, and a direct result of the so called technological advancements of man.

These then bring up the urgent need for a different kind of ‘education’, the sort I called enlightenment. It comes like a glowing light shined upon basic everyday knowledge. Indeed it is what gives understanding to knowledge. It serves to bring the real man, the inner core of man, the spirit, to an enduring appreciation of life and existence. It helps man to arrive at the point of self conscious existence, and the necessary appreciation of the knowledge of the Natural order in creation, which we generally call the Laws of Creation.

Every human being, and also his structures of existence, such as the state, community, industry, technology, etc, all are dependent on the forces in creation. Whether man is aware of it or not, his actions and inactions are influenced by these Laws of Creation. Man’s true education, that is, enlightenment, is in understanding and living in accordance with these Natural Laws in Creation.

Let me use the ‘Law of Balance’ as an illustrative example. Capitalism and ‘western civilisation’ are collapsing because they operated more in the abuse of the law of balance than in its observance. Right from the time of slave trade, capitalistic ideology has progressed on the basis of ‘accumulating as much gains or profits as possible, without necessarily giving anything or much in return to the source of wealth production’. This practice creates an imbalance which revolts or runs contrary to the ‘Order’ in creation. Creation law demands that giving and receiving must achieve a balance. At any time where one is favoured against the other, the balance tilts, and disharmony, disintegration and eventual collapse, must arise. It was this thinking that wisely advised the accounting ‘credit’ and ‘debit’ system of book keeping. Anytime there is an imbalance, the accounting system will tilt, and raise an alarm. That is what is happening today with all world economies.

Governments have started making profits from the citizens, and the citizens have started taking undue advantage of the common wealth kept in the custody of the government. Each party is not giving back as much as it is taking away from the other. The ground is then set for mutual distrust and conflicts.

Worldly education therefore has to incorporate the knowledge of the understanding of the Laws of Creation, the platform upon which any enduring human society could be built. Knowledge is power, no doubt, but the power in knowledge comes through enlightenment given by the spiritual laws or the laws of creation.

Illiteracy is not necessarily a hindrance to the acquisition of knowledge of the natural laws; hence our ancestors often displayed rich understanding of these spiritual laws even with their crass illiteracy status. However continuing in ignorance in the face of much sources of enlightenment is unacceptable and could lead to dire spiritual consequences; for indeed, ignorance of the law (spiritual) shall not be used as an excuse.

IkeChukwu Unegbe

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can The Dead Avenge?


This is a very instructive question, especially on the backdrop of many politically motivated assassinations and other senseless killings recorded in our society. Would the victims die in vain? And would the perpetrators go scot free? What if the killers are found and punished by the earthly courts, would that be sufficient to assuage the anger and hurt of the victim; the dead?

In some cultures it is even known that certain weapons of vengeance, such as guns, machetes, sticks, etc, are put in the coffins while burying such a deceased person, with the hope that he shall use them to avenge against those that killed him.

The first point to establish is the fact that in reality no human being dies; each person as a spiritual being is immortal and exists either here on earth, in flesh and blood, or in the beyond, as a departed soul. Such a soul in the beyond has the capacity to express wishes and influence things through its spiritual volition. In expressing its spiritual volition it can turn attention on those who hurt him one way of the other, and can affect such people’s ethereal and spiritual environment; bringing them much discomfort and uneasiness. This is one reason the evil man is always unsettled and does not know any peace; because thoughts of hate, vengeance and revenge often assail him from all corners from his victims.

It will be very wrong however, and indeed is spiritually harmful, for a soul in the beyond to exist and carry on with the volition of avenging against those living on earth, no matter what they may have done to the soul. Such vengeful heart would prevent the soul from making any more spiritual progress; and would rather create a barrier and bind it to those against whom it seeks to avenge.

In this entanglement, those who expressed strong volition in encouraging the departed soul to avenge would also be adversely affected spiritually, the same way accomplices to a criminal act are treated on earth. The chain binding the one seeking to avenge with those he wants to avenge against could last many years and decades, and could even force the departed one to experience another earthly incarnation, where he will then come face to face with the person or persons, and go through bitter quarrelling, conflicts and hostility, often without knowing the basis of such mutual antagonism. In all these, vital opportunity for spiritual progress would be wasted, and new karmic threads may even be knotted to further hamper the persons.

The way out is to always endeavour to fully forgive everyone who has hurt us one way or the other; and to do this as quickly as the circumstance permits, but definitely to try and forgive all before we depart the flesh. In the case where the person did not have the opportunity to forgive while in flesh, a disposition of love and faithful trust in the manifest justice of the Laws of Creation would help the departed release all who may have hurt him. In that forgiveness and release, lies also spiritual freedom which he receives from Creation, and can then move along his part towards continued spiritual development and maturity.

On the other hand, the perpetrators of the ugly acts will certainly be compensated according to the nature of their acts by the irrevocable and just Laws of Creation; irrespective of what the earthly courts may have ruled. The Laws of Creation judge minutely and bring to everyone ample harvests from his deeds which he sowed into creation through his thoughts, words and actions; and he must taste of them. No one can escape the effects of Divine justice.

IkeChukwu Unegbe

Friday, October 22, 2010

The World Owes You Nothing

This title simply popped out from a lively conversation I was having with some friends in the beautifully preserved grounds of Grailland, Iju Hills, Lagos Nigeria; and immediately it struck a chord within my being that this is one aspect of knowledge humanity needs now. I say so because wherever you look, there is this steady clamour or protestation, especially in the so called advanced countries of the world, for what the protesters feel they ought to be given, ‘as of right’ from their government, society, family, etc. Sometimes violence is employed to ‘drive home’ the point. When one need is met, another arises immediately, seeking also to be met.

The protester sees himself as the responsibility of the other person or authority. As a child, he is the responsibility of his parents; and they must cater for every need of his, and must even take care of him as an adult, putting aside sufficient personal earnings and assets to take care of him. Where his parents stopped, the community, government and the world at large, must take over. Some governments also must give scholarships for studies, or they will be voted out. He goes about with the mindset that the world owes him something.

Does the world owe you anything? What, if one may ask? Well, it could be argued that the world owes you habitation space, and enough room for the pursuit and realisation of your lofty dreams in life. But haven’t these already been afforded you?

You are already born into a world where the omnipotence and omniscience of The Creator has provided us a natural order which ensures that you have abundance of water, land, air and fire; being the four basic elements of Nature. This abundance is of such immeasurable description that no one individual or a people can exhaust it. We are also all born with certain unique intrinsic ability or talent; each person so unique and different in his/her endowment that no one can complain of not being considered. Of the billions of human beings on earth, no two are the same up to the minutest detail of the finger prints. This is also how each person’s potential or talent is uniquely different from the next person. The good news is that creation and our world are programmed to accommodate all of these individual aspirations.

With such monumental opportunities, it then becomes a ridiculous reality to see persons carrying on with the attitude and conduct suggesting that the world owes them something. Usually they also convey this in their personal relationships, where always their focus is on what they stand to gain and receive rather than what they intend to give or offer. Many wars are fought, and many relationships aborted mainly because the parties were only interested in ‘taking’, ‘taking’ and ‘taking’. Indeed I recall the saying that ‘you will never see a quarrel which originated because a person wanted to give something of value to another; all wars only arise from seeking to take and take’.

The world and mother earth owe us nothing. All that we need from her have already been offered us in abundance. We only need to explore, exploit and utilise these resources to the utmost of our ability. Our parents also only need to guide us through child growth and development; and also give us good education. Thereafter, as adolescent youth, each person should look inwards and harness the innate potentials he or she possesses.

Where the opportunity for scholarships is given, such should be taken with an attitude of gratitude and a readiness to give or do something in return, after the studies to create a necessary balance.

All remarkable achievements that moved mankind to great heights were originated by individual persons and not necessarily government or group of persons. It took an individual to give us electricity, motor car, telephone, and the computer, to mention just these few. If these persons had waited for government or for the world to come to a unanimous decision and action, we probably would not have these milestone discoveries today.

Creation is ordered through the Will of The Almighty God in such a way that it gives of its abundance and blessings to those who give something in exchange. This is called the spiritual law of ‘sowing and reaping’. To those who are able to sow in terms of personal efforts in life, creation usually gives back to them in multiples of harvests. Those who only desire to take and receive, usually end up in misery and poverty. They are defying the law of balance in nature, and therefore usually end up heartbroken and in eventual penury.

We have to change the perception of expectations from the world, to voluntary and joyful giving of ourselves and our talents. There is also no one who is so poor that he or she has nothing to give to others and to his environment. It could be wise counselling, personal participation, and financial support, if necessary. That way we shall trigger into action the perfect Divine mechanism of release of blessings. We would then also be participating in the expansion of world space and human achievements. I wish you the inner joy of fulfilment.

IkeChukwu Unegbe

Friday, October 15, 2010


We all are living in very challenging times of severity. It is as if nothing is stable anymore. Organisations, institutions, human communities, personal ambitions; all are under intense wave of power, which is clearly perceptible.

On the economic front, it is called 'economic depression', and on the general social front, it is called 'instability and uncertainty', and on the spiritual front it comes with a certain 'inner restlessness'- inducing further seeking. In all of these, man finds that it does appear his earlier 'settled' solutions to issues, no longer suffice and do not satisfy the demands of the new situations. Government efforts remain piece work, and estimations fall short of expectations.

In the end, confusion reigns and man finds himself in a certain quagmire. What then should be done? It is said that if you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging. How can modern man stop digging in the fashion that has brought him economic depressions, instability and uncertainty, and above all, inner restlessness.

That is when the need for inner re-kitting comes into focus. Every situation that man goes through started its origin deep down in the inner recesses of man's thoughts, and eventually became outward deeds shaping his circumstances, and thereby his destiny. It is the collective thoughts of men that become the living realities of a nation and her peoples.

The origin of economic recessession for instance, is first and foremost traceable to the fact that man has embraced greed in different ways. He wants to reap before sowing, and where he sows, he would rather want to reap far too great profitability, not minding whose ox is gored. Governments, instead of being institutions and structures for mutual benefit to citizens, have become corrupt profiteering centers.

Religions which ought to yield to the spiritual yearnings and aspirtations of man, now exist purely for earthly domination, power and influence; and its leaders seeing it as avenues for money making and attainment of personal fame.

In the end, therefore, man has become his own greatest enemy. His search for solutions, must then start also from within himslef. It is himself that he must rekit.

It is a spiritual process of seeking for higher enlightenment, and resolving to change. Everything today seems to be standing on faulty pedestals. People talk of unemployment, and in doing so, are looking up to a certain Government insititution that 'must' cater for them, and they need really do nothing on their part. Many remain on social security perpetually, without seeking to give something back to the society as a way of striking some necessary balance between 'taking' and 'giving'.

The spiritual law is that wherever there is an imbalance between taking and giving, collapse must follow. It is in this way that we all must change, so that abundance and inner awakening may then dawn.

I wish you inner joy which comes through greater recognitions.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Success: What is it?

Guess we have all heard the word 'success' before, and usually associated it with a particular person, incident or accomplishment. But what really is 'success? THis question becomes relevant when we look back again at those moments, or persons, a few years to come, and find that they are not at the same success level as they were when we 'celebrated'them in the past.

In other words, what is it about success that makes it somehow shifty? such that it may be there today, and not there again tomorrow, what is it?

THe answer lies in the fact that success is not a destination. Indeed, it is wrong to say that one has attained success. May be we can say that one has become successful over something specific thing; but for success to happen it means simply that 'we have applied quality attention and accomplishment'on a particular assignment we have at hand, and did it so well. So success is what happens with every thing we do very well, but not a final label to carry about. How many so called successful sportsmen and women can we still point at today and say they are 'successful'. Hardly any,

The other reason is that in life, any step of accomplishment already immediately sets any target for you. So the individual must continually exert himself to climb new heights each time, and ultimately become so ennobled through each experience garnered that he can then talk of the ultimate success step, which is in self discovery and recognition of the Will of God in Creation.

SO, success, dear friends is a long distance journey, not a bus stop. It lies in accomplishing each task so well, as if it is the last task one plans to accomplish before departing the earth plane. It is a way of leaving your noble stamp of authority on each deed accomplished. You can do it, and I can do it. Lets get down to it. See you also at the top.